Sunday, 4 December 2016

Fake Currency Notes Of Rs. 2000 Denomination Caught Already. Demonetisation Times.

One Demonetisation Demon?
Fake notes of Rs. 2000 have been caught already. Is that then one tentacle of the demon of demonetisation revealing itself? It happened quick quick, right? It certainly is fantastic fodder for the opportunistic in the opposition.

Hey All! The real interpretation behind the catching of fake notes could be that the government's idea was a success. :-) Was it? I don't know, you tell me. It could be, as many think, that alas! this too shall fail, and perhaps this will fail more miserably. I mean that many think that already this exercise has proved that it's a failure since fake currency has been caught so soon when these new currency notes have just been brought into circulation. What do you think?

What do you all think? I, for one, am always optimistic. I would like to believe that the security features that had been mentioned in press, media are showing, displaying what they can do, what they were meant for ( :-) ) - help catch the culprits, thieves.

So then this is similar to the adage or fact or truth that if more FIR's are being registered in a town then it doesn't mean that the crime has increased, rather it means that the Police is really functioning better than before and crimes are not going unchecked. Similarly, here the catching of fake notes so soon already actually shows or reveals that the ideas of the government, or what the government had in mind, is working or revealing itself - it was true, it was supposed to work. The security features are hard to imitate I mean. That is an interpretation or argument, I mean. Now that is a comforting, energising, hope giving thought! .. But I am not sure. What do you think, people? .. How should that be interpreted?

I am not touching upon the aspect of people dying in queues etc. for this post. This post is about 'how to interpret the catching of fake currency so soon'. Everybody please join in this little debate. Foreigners are welcome. People who have no clue are also welcome. Trust me I am one of them. .. Oops .. Ha ha.

The game or play called "India India" goes on! Let's play India India.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Communication for Delhi Police attached to tweets

Message for Delhi Police attached to tweets. Tweets can't hold all.

Hello Delhi Police! Refer my tweets to you with web addresses at and . Tweets can't hold all.
I have tried making contact with the SI Rhea but not succeeded. She is evasive. Details have been put up on internet. Relevant extracts from the same are copied pasted below. Image of complaint document is included. The DD no. by the way is '35 B' dated 5th June, 2016, issued by Janakpuri PS. Extracts below will make clear that I have tried to make contact. It is strange that you are asking me to go to PS again. Internet web address from where this has been taken is given after this copy paste. All text has not been copy-pasted.

9th June 8:07 PM: I called the Janak Puri Police Station Land Line at 011 25551410 and narrated the problem of smell briefly and that I had submitted a Complaint on 5th June at around 9:30 PM. The person asked me whether I have the no. of the Complaint. I told him that yes, indeed, I do. It is 35 (B) . And the photo of the received back complaint copy (Acknowledgement) is attached with this Post towards lower. He said ok he'll let know the person who is handling this.
9th evening: Smell is increasing. It's bad. It's stench of an animal that is being masked.

11th: In the evening, we had to leave for hospital because of an emergent situation at home, but I came back in the night, because I was not allowed in the ICU.
14th, 12:21 PM: I got a call from J.P. P.S. (I was in the Hospital) about the Complaint submitted a few days earlier. The caller from 8512060007 said she is Sub Inspector Rhea. She said that that has come to her and wanted me to come to the PS and talk about it so that they can then take action as they would like to. I was in the Hospital at that time because of the emergent situation and was myself also not sorted to go to the PS. I asked the SI that she can also come after calling. She said that I can come today, tomorrow, day after, whenever.
14th evening back at home: Smell is there.
15th, Wednesday, day time: There was real bad smell in the house of rotten food and probably huge no. of onions. 15th evening: Back at home, there was real bad smell, foul smell, in the house of rotten food and a smell that seemed to be of a rotten onions.

16/06/16: I called the SI of the JP PS twice at around 3:00 and 3:10 PM. No response.
3:12 Missed call she gives. I notice it later anyway.
3:22 I call again. No response.
3:24 She calls. I answer. She disconnects. Total time: 2 seconds.

On the 16th when I called, I think I was being stalked. I had gone to the B-Block Community Centre for some work and ... After my work at the Community Centre I decided to walk down to the PS. I called the SI Rhea and then I called again. Details are above. ... It is here that I made the 2nd call (around 3:10) and waited at this T-Junction for the famous Rhea of JP PS to answer. She didn't. I then decided not to turn right but take left and walk down to the Channan Devi Hospital because I have things ... I wanted to make sure that she is at the PS. Both the times I allowed the calls to go fully. There was no response but. ...

17th evening: Problem of smell same as above. Bad foul smell. It became a lesser only around 12:15 of the coming night.
18th: Smell starts at around 12:00 noon. From a couple of hours earlier, you can smell burnt embers. And then from about 2:00 PM onwards foul smell is there in our house from this Wah Ji Wah's exhaust. Perhaps many rats have died. That is how the smell is like. ...

18/06/16: I called SI Rhea on her mobile at 5:57 PM. No response. I called again. 6:07 PM she answered! ... I told her my name, from Block C2B, Janak Puri. She said that she is out of station and that she will call Monday (20th). I told her that I called her on 16th also. Then she asked what was it about? I told her that this is about Wah Ji Wah Restaurant in Block C2B, Janak Puri. She said that she'll handle it on Monday. I asked her whether she is going to call me. She said she'll call.
18th Evening: Intensity further increases - subsides only after 12:15 in the night.
19th: In the morning, before noon, these people turn on their exhausts. The previous day's left over burnt embers and smell from tandoor comes.

20th: I actually waited for the SI to call. No call. I Called 100 again at 3:00 PM. I told the person about earlier calls on 29th May and 6th June 2016 and the Complaint submitted on 5th June at the Janak Puri Police Station. The person again said that the local PS will take care of it and that you go and meet the people there and if not satisfied then go to ACP, then go to DCP. I told the person that already a call had come on 14th that the case is being handled by a S.I. Rhea. ... wanted to confirm whether there really is a Sub Inspector Rhea at JP PS with no. 8512060007.
Received Back Acknowledgement from Janak Puri Police Station June 2016. Wah Ji Wah Restaurant a menace - smell, pollution. A Health Hazard. A Nuisance Activity In Delhi.
Received Back Acknowledgement from Janak Puri Police Station June 2016.
Wah Ji Wah Restaurant a menace because of smell and pollution.
A Health Hazard. A Nuisance Activity From Residential Area In Delhi.

Internet web address from where the above extract is taken is . This is web address of 'a post' on 'a blog' - the blog that I had to start reluctantly. Above is, as said earlier, extracts from the same. So Delhi Police people can visit the blog for more clarity if required.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Happy Diwali! Deepaawaalee Greetings. दीपावली शुभकामनायें , मंगलमय दीवाली !

Happy Deepawalee To All! सब को दीपावली की शुभ कामनायें !
Power, Health, Wealth, Radiance, Glory, Victory, Progress, Prosperity to the Righteous on this Diwali, .. and to me. :-)

I share with you all a Swastik that I made on Computer. You can use it after downloading. If you don't mind, you can provide attribution that it was prepared by Brief Takes at . Thank you all. Be safe. Spread Light. Pray that light may enter the lives of those who need it, who really need it the most at this moment, and throughout the year.
मैं सब के साथ स्वस्तिक का चिह्न सांझा कर रहा हूँ जिसे मैने स्वयं कंप्यूटर पर बनाया था. आप इसे बेशक डाउनलोड कर के इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं | उम्मीद है की अगर आप ऐसा करें तो ऐट्रीब्यूशन अवश्य दे देवें कि इसे "ब्रीफ टेक्स" ने, जिनका वेब अड्रेस है, ने बनाया था | धन्यवाद | सुरक्षित दीवाली मनायें, प्रार्थना करें की जिसे किरंण, रोशनी की आवश्यकता हो उसके जीवन में ज़रूर अंधकार हटे और रोशनी आ जावे |
Diwali Greetings To All. Swastik Symbol. Spread Light. Be Safe. Pray for light to enter the lives of those who need it. You can download teh Swastik and use it. Please provide attribution: Brief Takes at .
Happy Deepawalee To All! सब को दीपावली की शुभ कामनायें |
Power, Health, Wealth, Radiance, Glory, Victory, Progress, Prosperity to the Righteous. Diwali - Swastik - दीवाली - स्वस्तिक - I share a Swastik that I made on Computer. You can use it after downloading. You can provide attribution. Spread Light. मैं स्वस्तिक का चिह्न सांझा कर रहा हूँ जिसे मैने स्वयं कंप्यूटर पर बनाया था. आप इसे बेशक डाउनलोड कर के इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं | ऐट्रीब्यूशन अवश्य दे देवें | रोशनी फ़ैलायें |

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Appeasement, Games People Play! Uttar Pradesh Elections. Samajwadi Party Drama.

UP Elections. SP Drama. Projecting party as strong?
Akhilesh Yadav is appeasing his father Mulayam Singh Yadav. MSY in turn is appeasing Amar Singh and Shivpal Yadav. Aow. They are all trying to propel MSY, is it? :-) What's going on? There is no mud slinging from my side here. I, just like anybody else, became a little curious. I am just having a little fun. Politics is not my forte at all though. I hope there is peace in the family and all ends well. I hope also that there is peace in Uttar Pradesh.

This 'drama' is happening because of some sub conscious appeasement tendency? Some people got emotional? Ha ha. Wow! Well well, Some body please make a cartoon here. In that caricature or cartoon an arrow from AY will be pointing towards MSY, and then an arrow from MSY will be pointing towards Shivpal and Amar Singh. Over the arrrows will be mentioned 'appeasement' or perhaps 'subconscious appeasement', or perhaps 'sudden realisation of love, or acknowledgement'. And Akhilesh's away arrow will also have mentioned 'Papa' or 'Pitaji' on the under side. And MSY's away arrow will have mentioned 'Bandhu' or 'Comrade' on the under side. Hmm, but then there is no love arrow from Amar Singh, Shivpal towards Akhilesh. That is why I said that ultimately they are trying to propel MSY? And ultimately they are trying to propel Samajwadi Party as strong and having many strong players, leaders. And that is what shall be portrayed in the coming days when perhaps suddenly all will be well and party shall appear more strengthened to the janata janardana.

Again, I hope there is peace in the family and all ends well. And also, I pray that there is peace in Uttar Pradesh.

P.S.: The mushy and the gushy tendency got an outlet!

Later Edit: This Love Triangle is broken >> 'There is no love arrow from Amar Singh, Shivpal towards Akhilesh.' :-)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Russian Cultural Troupe performs in Delhi, India

Russian Cultural Troupe performs at Kamani Auditorium, Delhi. 2016.
Russian Cultural Troupe Kamani Auditorium, Delhi - October 17, 2016, evening time. Video is poor quality, so is audio, but the Videographer in me promises better quality next year!
This was enjoyable. It may appear raucous and cacophonous at places but it was not so there. It was enjoyable. Kamani Auditorium is at Copernicus Marg in the Mandi House vicinity.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Day Light Crime In India's Hospitals And Authorities In Gay Abandon

Khanna and Sudarsanan should go to the law - victim himself will go anyway
A retired Indian Army haraamzaadaa, a characterless lout called Brigadier Sudarsanan, is a devil incarnate. He goes around injecting lethal brain poisons and nerve poisons in the bloodstreams of innocent victims whom he picks at the behest of his handlers. The handlers are probably foreign but they certainly have Indian connections. They conduct experiments on non-suspecting citizens who are made patients by them by trickery, by deceit, by hatching nefarious plots.

It is certain that this Brigadier is an anti-social element. Is he also an anti-national element? Who will find out? Why has the CBI (Central Bureau Of Investigation) not acted upon him despite emails having being sent to the CBI? Is there a CBI connection? Is he a CBI man?! .. That is unlikely (why would the CBI do it?), but then, .. why has the CBI not arrested him yet? The CBI was also told about Khanna Nursing Home, Janakpuri, Delhi. This was in reference to one matter.

Khanna Nursing Home, Janakpuri, Delhi-58 is one such place where these haraamzaadaas like Brigadier Sudarsanan carry out their murderous agendas. In this particular case where Dr. Subhash Khanna of Khanna Nursing Home is also involved alongwith others of this Nursing Home, the victim's life has turned upside down. Some information can be procured from this web address >> . The victim's condition was such after the attack in November-December 2007 that he did not even have the courage to inform the Medical Councils or the Police at that time. The drugs play havoc with the mind, brain, body functions etc. ENTIRE PROCESSES OF THE BODY ARE AFFECTED. Brain is affected. Nourishment process to the body is affected. Testosterone was chemically destroyed without informing the victim. Fear, terror, horror were induced by drugs. The victim also suffered a heart attack on Dec. 30, 2007 but the Khanna Nursing Home did not provide the report! Heart Attack happened because of their experiments. Both Subhash Khanna and Brigadier Sudarsanan had also threatened the victim.

The above is posted in public interest. Both Sudarsanan and Khanna are actually exhorted to go to the Law with this Post. In fact, the victim himself wants that this should be now taken up by the Law, .. and the public. Khanna himself, Khanna Nursing Home people should be in prison. And of course so should Sudarsanan be in prison for the rest of his life and his property attached. Sudarsanan's handlers should be smoked out from their hideouts, wherever in the world they may be, and put inside of prison for the remainders of their lives and their properties attached. In fact Sudarsanan should be handled by the public on the roads. He is an Army Man, and by temperament very aggressive, physical, verbally loud, intimidating, operates by deceit, cloak-and-dagger, is a conceited liar, can trade his daughters(!) and is a very tough nut to crack.

Visit the above web address for some information. It will be updated. It contains emails sent to the Medical Council Of India by the victim. The Medical Council Of India did not act. They did nothing. In all probability they accepted bribes. Then the matter went to the Central Information Commission of India. The IC, who understood the gravity, sent the case to the Delhi Medical Council. The Information Commission's Orders were not followed by the Delhi Medical Council ! ! .. These last details are not currently there in that blog but they will show up or links to the details will show up. So visit that blog and inform everybody else. The fight for justice will go on. Maybe the Prime Minister's Office should be reined in now.

This matter will also be sent to the citizens of other countries to understand for themselves the state of Human Rights in India and the actual state of the Indian citizenry. The righteous suffers continuously, the corrupt and the shameless shirk their responsibilities, accept bribes and shut up, the murderers - with licenses from the Government Of India - go about their usual murders in Hospitals, and then there is that-one-coterie shouting 'Good Days'.

Anything which is the truth and is brought out in public domain for the public good is not defamation. This post is an alert to the public. It is all truth.

Sudarsanan's nos. can be had from the blog. A Facebook Page is also there. Its address is .

Does Sudarsanan work for the Delhi Police? .. .. Public support is solicited. Sudarsanan had said that his Office is in his Car. Who will burn that car with Sudarsanan in it? - Let's not do that yet. First let's find out what all drugs they gave as part of the experiments or as part of hatched plots to kill the innocent, how its effect will go away, why was he trading his daughters, and other stuff.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Shiva Murti And Ramayana During Navratras

Navratras Time, Shiva Murti, Ramayana in background. Great.
Shiv Murti B Block Janakpuri, Delhi. October 7, 2016 - Navratras are on, in the background you can hear extracts from a TV Serial on The Ramayana. Time is around 9 PM. Murti or Sculpture is over a temple. Temple is in a Park. The coating is Bronze?, or is the entire statue in Bronze?
The camera is jurassic, but my devotion is full full! :-)
कॅमरा पुराना है पर मेरी भक्ति तो परिपूर्ण है ! आपका क्या ख्याल है?, ओ मेरे प्यारे भक्तगण दोसतों! .. समय तो नवरात्रों का है, शिव की मूर्ति सामने है, और पीछे रामायण का उल्लेख या गायन हो रहा है| यह द्रश्य जनकपुरी दिल्‍ली का है|

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Drug Addiction In Punjab - What Could Be The Reasons

Why Did The Punjabi Youth Take To Drugs?
I have wondered recently more than once as to the reasons why Punjab landed in a drugs problem. You know its youth are being enticed to drugs more and more. They say it is an epidemic. I thought the following could be the reasons:-
1). Is it the retribution from the cosmos because of Khalistan demand and the resultant militancy?
2). Is it the revenge by the Congress (INC - Indian National Congress) Regime? - kind off taking off after Operation Blue Star - I mean a different direction? (This is unlikely, but we never know).
3). Is it the intelligence success of a foreign power which understood very well the strength of Punjab and the Punjabi youth (and this foreign power hates India)? - this foreign power understanding very well (or concluding on their own) that to subjugate and destroy India, subjugation of Punjab's youth and destruction of Punjab would be a major first milestone?
What do you folks think?
And in the meantime I found this >> .

Edit (4:22 AM): Drug Addiction in Punjab. A read worthy take found.
On the drug abuse epidemic in Punjab, the following was found >> . Read it.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Post Entry Into MTCR, China Says Indians Have No Morals

Indians have no morals and I agree.
China says that Indians have no morals. China says that the Indian Government, however, fairs a little better. Whilst China's own credentials may be circumspect in various spheres and I would not like to go into a debate on the background on the basis of which they have this opinion, but I agree wholeheartedly with the assertion (in isolation) that Indians have no morals. I repeat "Indians have no morals." 'In isolation' is mentioned deliberately. This is with reference to China's reaction after India gained entry into MTCR.
I suffer Indians everyday. I suffer the authorities here, I suffer the people here. I have mentioned elsewhere and I maintain that the bane of Indians is laziness and shamelessness. China has looked at Indians, analysed Indians from their own place, their own circumstances, their own experiences, their own way of looking at things. They have their own culture, way of life, way of thought. 'Way of life' may seem unnecessarily thrust here but let it be. China moves in a straight line. Chinese may be expected to be more disciplined. It is another matter about the Chinese State's own Human Rights Record. It is also another matter that there is a kind of nervousness in Chinese (about losing face, ... something ... ). But / and everything said and done, when they say that Indians have no morals, I agree 100%. So 'in isolation' implies that they have come to this conclusion (no morals) from their own system etc., and I have come to this conclusion (suffer from laziness and shamelessness) after suffering Indians on a day to day basis. By the way, the background of this is India's admission into the MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime). Refer .
China has said also that the Indian Government may be a little better. However, I would like to say, for the consternation of whosoever, that the Indian Governments have mostly been pussilanimous. This present dispensation has to show some real stuff to be able to escape that similar labelling, I am saying.
I say that Indians have no morals because (briefly telling) in civilian life there is less of logic, more of general vague decision making, to say the least. Logic, objectivity, sensibility are not known to Indians as much as should be known to them. I don't want to elaborate this more here, for the time being. Indians can also be more characterless themselves than other people.
Indians don't understand the demarcations in many spheres. In India, they live magnificently in their own plots (nothing wrong here yet) and then they want to park their car in the neighbour's plot. Then they hurl accusations, when objected to, that you don't have community feeling! In Indian trains they force you to share your seat with them when they don't have a ticket and then start to label absurd accusations that you don't own the train!, and that Indian Railways belongs to everyone! Indians are themselves racist. Indians are themselves pussilanimous also. If they really had a steely resolve then they would have not got a tight slap from China in 1962 (this is coincidental and besides the point right now). Indians speak out of turn, they very often speak on your behalf when they have not been authorised to do so. Indians have a tendency to overlap things and smudge them and confuse everything for their own benefit. In this scenario, the real law abiding citizen is at a loss completely. He has to bear with fortitude a lot of nonsense. Indians are jealous of the really progressive one. Indians honestly don't follow meritocracy. They actually follow some vague-cracy and dishonesty-cracy and coterie-cracy. Yes, Indians are dishonest. Indians are forever trying to frame each other. ... List is long.
If Indians were really moralistic then their systems etc would have been such that our PM Lal Bahadur Shastri would not have been killed by the Chinese (this is again a coincidental reference right now). You see things affect everything directly, indirectly. If Indians were really moralistic then the Brain Drain of past decades would not have happened. And as I said that the list is long. And the rest I will leave for another time. Also refer - the editorial that has been referred in the article whose link is given earlier.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Listening Pleasure, Indian Spice! Real Feminine. :-)

Nice Listening. Various songs' pieces sung in continuation. Video.
Aishwarya Majmudar has a clear crisp voice! Feminine. :-)
If the Video does not play then click here >> . Video has playback actually, this is not a Live Recording, but doesn't matter. Watch it. Aane Waalaa Pal Jaane Waalaa Hai, Ho Sake To Ismein Zindagi Bitaa Do, Pal Jo Yeh Jaane Waalaa Hai.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Health Hazard, Toxic Fumes, Dangerous Particulate Matter In Delhi.

Being tormented by a restaurant in residential area.
We are being tormented by a Restaurant Wah Ji Wah which spews toxic fumes, particulate matter and bad odour from its rear. These then travel and reach our house. Problem is severe and I had anticipated that it will get worse, very bad to the extent that I had to plan a Blogger Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Handle for the same. The Blogger Blog is at . It is indeed getting worse as I write this. May these Sardars burn in hell, may their entire khaandaan get diseased. May the MCD (Municipal Corporation Of Delhi) people burn in hell, may they get diseased. May The Police suffer paralysis because they have not acted.

I truly, sincerely, honestly hope that we are relieved of this predicament. Anybody from outside of India reading this should tell their media that this is how citizens are tormented in this country. The Judiciary of India should take suo motu cognizance and put an end to this nonsense. The Judiciary should jail these MCD people for having allowed this Restaurant in residential area in the first place. The Delhi Police should also be pulled up. It should be reminded of its 'duties' after reminding them of their 'powers'. This last bit you will understand as you read the posts on the Blogspot Blog.

Anybody in Delhi reading this should sincerely understand our problem, and some of you should get really angry, organise themselves / yourselves and stone these Sardars to death in a clandestine manner. Yes, I mean it. The problem is THAT severe. They are damaging our health, they are damaging our dignity, they are damaging our peaceful living. The media people from outside of India should come to Block C2B, Janak Puri, Delhi to understand for themselves the severity. I invite them to our home to ... alas! ... smell for themselves the toxic air. It is sad that the invitation is for the wrong reason.

Coal is burnt, there are burnt embers in the air, the smell is foul, there is dangerous, cancerous, carcinogenic particulate matter in the air. It is accelerated death without one realising it consciously.

Front Elevation of a house on a small plot, rural Delhi.

Front Elevation of a House - Small Plot, Rural Delhi.
A small plot measuring a little under 900 sft, with a front of only 15'-9" in a rural setting in Delhi has being worked out by myself. This is the Front Elevation. A little bit of Working Drawing stuff has also crept in in this Drawing. This is part of Sketch Presentation. :-) I have done better in the past, but hey, ... this is not bad either! ;-)
Front Elevation of a House - Small Plot, Rural Delhi. A small plot measuring a little under 900 sft, with a front of only 15'-9" in a rural setting in Delhi has being worked out by myself. This is the Front Elevation.
Front Elevation, House, Small Plot, Rural Delhi.

This was still being worked out.

Twitter Timeline Embedded

Twitter Timeline Embedded
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Avatar of Sandeep Vij, Delhi based licensed professional
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