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Avatar of Sandeep Vij, Delhi based licensed professional
Brief Takes is an avatar of Sandeep Vij, a Delhi based freelance licensed professional, an Architect. There is lots to accomplish. This blog is short takes, short snippets something. The intent is to not let any idea, thought, suggestion, recommendation, go past without documentation, for whatever it is worth. [This Avatar is compensating for other avatars also / actually]. For this avatar, Twitter is at twitter.com/BriefTakes . :-) Thank You. Sandeep Vij himself / itself became an avatar of Boy Slender Frame. Cosmic Generations something! ;-) Make Contact? No. is 0 9716082650.
Boy Slender Frame cannot accommodate everything realistically. This Project (!) BT (Brief takes) will fill in. BSF learnt, understood, realised that it has lots on its hands in its present roles, responsibilities because of what the world (or the cosmos) throws at him. And twitter of Boy Slender Frame (BSF) is at twitter.com/BoySlenderFrame .