Sunday, 4 December 2016

Fake Currency Notes Of Rs. 2000 Denomination Caught Already. Demonetisation Times.

One Demonetisation Demon?
Fake notes of Rs. 2000 have been caught already. Is that then one tentacle of the demon of demonetisation revealing itself? It happened quick quick, right? It certainly is fantastic fodder for the opportunistic in the opposition.

Hey All! The real interpretation behind the catching of fake notes could be that the government's idea was a success. :-) Was it? I don't know, you tell me. It could be, as many think, that alas! this too shall fail, and perhaps this will fail more miserably. I mean that many think that already this exercise has proved that it's a failure since fake currency has been caught so soon when these new currency notes have just been brought into circulation. What do you think?

What do you all think? I, for one, am always optimistic. I would like to believe that the security features that had been mentioned in press, media are showing, displaying what they can do, what they were meant for ( :-) ) - help catch the culprits, thieves.

So then this is similar to the adage or fact or truth that if more FIR's are being registered in a town then it doesn't mean that the crime has increased, rather it means that the Police is really functioning better than before and crimes are not going unchecked. Similarly, here the catching of fake notes so soon already actually shows or reveals that the ideas of the government, or what the government had in mind, is working or revealing itself - it was true, it was supposed to work. The security features are hard to imitate I mean. That is an interpretation or argument, I mean. Now that is a comforting, energising, hope giving thought! .. But I am not sure. What do you think, people? .. How should that be interpreted?

I am not touching upon the aspect of people dying in queues etc. for this post. This post is about 'how to interpret the catching of fake currency so soon'. Everybody please join in this little debate. Foreigners are welcome. People who have no clue are also welcome. Trust me I am one of them. .. Oops .. Ha ha.

The game or play called "India India" goes on! Let's play India India.