Sunday, 16 July 2017

Gurdas Maan Video - Punjab In Bad State

Gurdas Maan rues the truth about today's Punjab State
Gurdas Maan Video - Punjab in bad state. Link is . This Video has been released a few weeks ago. Song is called Punjab. Here Gurdas Maan rues the truth of the Punjab State today. There is a problem of drugs, eradication of virtues and humanism, absence of respect and regard, less and less honour of the motherland, stamping of completely alien ideologies, ideologies which don't belong to Punjab, niet, don't belong to India, in fact they can't be ideologies of any place. Thankfully, there are still people in Punjab who understand their roots and understand what Punjab and indeed the rest of India really needs.

And I am telling everyone, 'you don't need bullet trains, you need to make sure that the corrupt are eradicated and there is justice for each and everyone irrespective of money and muscle power of the goondaa', 'you don't need to pitch for Olympic Games, you need to make sure that development reaches the poorest of the poor, you need to set your country in order'. 'There must be all round welfare, not all round warfare', and 'you must set your priorities right'. 'You don't need gyms and supplements and steroids'. 'You have given yourself lopsided priorities'.
Organise India. Restore India, Reboot India.
Metaphors, Props
Gurdas Maan himself represents time, kaal काल - in this Video - and takes Bhagat Singh into the future into 2017 from 1917 and first extracts a promise from him that Bhagat Singh will not abandon his mission after seeing what happens in the future. .. Gurdas Maan .. :-) .. he is good with metaphors, I think, .. remember chhallaa छल्ला ? I'll see if I find a video on Chhallaa, very old Gurdas Maan number. .. Props .. Props are integral or intrinsic to Punjabi Literature, Punjabi Folk Culture, I believe. Please comment people. Punjabi Folk?, please comment. Listen to Chhalla छल्ला also - ".. mere Dukkhaan di kahaani मेरे दुखखां दी कहानी ..", remember Punjabiyat, galvanise yourself, remind yourself, organise yourself. Priorities are not only land (Real estate) and gold, but priorities are justice, law and order, virtues, and depth of individual (DEPTH OF INDIVIDUAL), and not KFC, and not Chow Mein, and not firing in the air in marriage parties, .. We all must get together and restore sanity and sensibility to Punjab, .. and India. .. .. Mere Dukkhaan Di Kahaani मेरे दुखखां दी कहानी .. ..
I am saying, despite sunshine and fertile land and industrious people and 'intrinsic' regard for mitti (soil) मिट्टी and virtues, Punjab landed in drugs problem.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Auspiciousness, Health, Wealth, Light, Radiance, Prestige To All

Victory Glory Power Fame
Swastik or Swastika Symbol
From Vedic times, the Swastika Symbol is considered auspicious. I present the symbol below, for simply spreading good symbols around, to spread cheer etc, and pray for everybody's welfare.





I wish everybody Auspiciousness, Health, Wealth, Light, Radiance, Prestige To All and me. I also wish in addition Victory, Glory, Power, Fame for myself!
Thank You. Is it not a good idea by the way to start a website on auspicious symbols? Who's doing it? Is it there already?