Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Drug Addiction In Punjab - What Could Be The Reasons

Why Did The Punjabi Youth Take To Drugs?
I have wondered recently more than once as to the reasons why Punjab landed in a drugs problem. You know its youth are being enticed to drugs more and more. They say it is an epidemic. I thought the following could be the reasons:-
1). Is it the retribution from the cosmos because of Khalistan demand and the resultant militancy?
2). Is it the revenge by the Congress (INC - Indian National Congress) Regime? - kind off taking off after Operation Blue Star - I mean a different direction? (This is unlikely, but we never know).
3). Is it the intelligence success of a foreign power which understood very well the strength of Punjab and the Punjabi youth (and this foreign power hates India)? - this foreign power understanding very well (or concluding on their own) that to subjugate and destroy India, subjugation of Punjab's youth and destruction of Punjab would be a major first milestone?
What do you folks think?
And in the meantime I found this >> http://indiaopines.com/drug-addiction-in-punjab-politics .

Edit (4:22 AM): Drug Addiction in Punjab. A read worthy take found.
On the drug abuse epidemic in Punjab, the following was found >> https://www.quora.com/profile/Prabhjot-Singh-Sahi . Read it.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Post Entry Into MTCR, China Says Indians Have No Morals

Indians have no morals and I agree.
China says that Indians have no morals. China says that the Indian Government, however, fairs a little better. Whilst China's own credentials may be circumspect in various spheres and I would not like to go into a debate on the background on the basis of which they have this opinion, but I agree wholeheartedly with the assertion (in isolation) that Indians have no morals. I repeat "Indians have no morals." 'In isolation' is mentioned deliberately. This is with reference to China's reaction after India gained entry into MTCR.
I suffer Indians everyday. I suffer the authorities here, I suffer the people here. I have mentioned elsewhere and I maintain that the bane of Indians is laziness and shamelessness. China has looked at Indians, analysed Indians from their own place, their own circumstances, their own experiences, their own way of looking at things. They have their own culture, way of life, way of thought. 'Way of life' may seem unnecessarily thrust here but let it be. China moves in a straight line. Chinese may be expected to be more disciplined. It is another matter about the Chinese State's own Human Rights Record. It is also another matter that there is a kind of nervousness in Chinese (about losing face, ... something ... ). But / and everything said and done, when they say that Indians have no morals, I agree 100%. So 'in isolation' implies that they have come to this conclusion (no morals) from their own system etc., and I have come to this conclusion (suffer from laziness and shamelessness) after suffering Indians on a day to day basis. By the way, the background of this is India's admission into the MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime). Refer http://www.businessinsider.in/Chinese-media-insults-Indians/articleshow/52957202.cms .
China has said also that the Indian Government may be a little better. However, I would like to say, for the consternation of whosoever, that the Indian Governments have mostly been pussilanimous. This present dispensation has to show some real stuff to be able to escape that similar labelling, I am saying.
I say that Indians have no morals because (briefly telling) in civilian life there is less of logic, more of general vague decision making, to say the least. Logic, objectivity, sensibility are not known to Indians as much as should be known to them. I don't want to elaborate this more here, for the time being. Indians can also be more characterless themselves than other people.
Indians don't understand the demarcations in many spheres. In India, they live magnificently in their own plots (nothing wrong here yet) and then they want to park their car in the neighbour's plot. Then they hurl accusations, when objected to, that you don't have community feeling! In Indian trains they force you to share your seat with them when they don't have a ticket and then start to label absurd accusations that you don't own the train!, and that Indian Railways belongs to everyone! Indians are themselves racist. Indians are themselves pussilanimous also. If they really had a steely resolve then they would have not got a tight slap from China in 1962 (this is coincidental and besides the point right now). Indians speak out of turn, they very often speak on your behalf when they have not been authorised to do so. Indians have a tendency to overlap things and smudge them and confuse everything for their own benefit. In this scenario, the real law abiding citizen is at a loss completely. He has to bear with fortitude a lot of nonsense. Indians are jealous of the really progressive one. Indians honestly don't follow meritocracy. They actually follow some vague-cracy and dishonesty-cracy and coterie-cracy. Yes, Indians are dishonest. Indians are forever trying to frame each other. ... List is long.
If Indians were really moralistic then their systems etc would have been such that our PM Lal Bahadur Shastri would not have been killed by the Chinese (this is again a coincidental reference right now). You see things affect everything directly, indirectly. If Indians were really moralistic then the Brain Drain of past decades would not have happened. And as I said that the list is long. And the rest I will leave for another time. Also refer http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/990889.shtml - the editorial that has been referred in the article whose link is given earlier.