Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Quarantine Rohingyas between Bangladesh and Myanmar

Rohingyas are illegal immigrants and not refugees
Rohingyas should be forcefully deported. We will use Prudence. All Right Then?!

Rohingyas are illegal immigrants and not refugees. They have entered India illegally. India has all the right to deal with them in the manner of (by considering them as) illegal gatecrashers or encroachers. India is not supposed to wait for what the world says about that. We have our own priorities and concerns. What use is our calling ourselves sovereign if we wait for what the world says about it. And also, all idiotic sympathisers in India of these Rohingyas should stay with these Rohingyas to begin with, and they will understand on their own within a day, maximum within a week, about the class of people they were lobbying for. [Good Idea Mr. Home Minister isn't it?, to let these idiotic sympathisers stay with these Rohingyas for a brief period?! अपने आप ही दिमाग़ ठिकाने लग जाएगा |]

Reminder: They have entered India 'illegally'. This cannot be termed 'natural migration' (I don't know, by the way, what affect that has anyway legally - internationally, law wise. In any case they are not migrants but immigrants.). This is influx (still a polite term). So they must be deported forcefully. This is for lawmakers, policy makers to understand and quote wherever. This is for the sake of the fact that there must be a reason for actions - in this case forced deportation - to convince ourselves first of all to begin with, because we should be fair.

As far as humanism is concerned, India has already supplied relief material to these people.

Some people compare Rohingyas with Tibetans. There is no comparison between Rohingyas and Tibetans. There should not be. It's not because Tibetans are Buddhists and Rohingyas are Muslims. Tibetans were "not predators". Tibetans are peaceful. Tibetans are not subverting anything about us. And very importantly, the 'class' of people is much different. I am not for terms like 'ethnic cleansing' etc. and am currently not suggesting that term or its cousin term (if that exists), but yes, the Rohingyas are poor in terms of humanism itself to begin with. Why should we put up with a race of people whose tenets are against the planet itself? Rohingyas are poor on 'civilisation'. They are poor on sanitation, hygiene, they are poor on dignity, they are poor on morals, they are poor on loyalty, they are poor on sincerity, they are prone to indulging in violence, they will back stab you, they are thieves, they are rapists, they indulge in incest too. We don't want such a people in our land. They are predators also. They are subvertors also. This paragraph then, is for general understanding of the Indian public and the people of the world also. So this should convince people more and let to rest doubts.

So we can easily convince ourselves as a country that forced deportation of these Rohingya Muslims is not inhuman and is not unjust on our part.

I am writing this because the Home Minister can say as much. He can't be telling you what I, as a citizen of the country will tell you (brasstacks) and have just told you. So all people please clear your fundamentals, understand what risk these Muslims pose for the land. I have not been summoned by the Government to write likewise. This is my personal opinion.

Good Idea Mr. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, isn't it?, to let these idiotic sympathisers stay with these Rohingyas for a brief period?! ;-) अपने आप ही दिमाग़ ठिकाने लग जाएगा ! Prudence.

For The World: Rohingyas are illegal immigrants into India from Myanmar. They are not welcome in Myanmar for their reasons. India appears to be a very convenient getaway to these people. These people are predators, 'invaders' like, are land grabbers, immoral, are low on class, sanitation, hygiene, have violent streaks all about them. There are reports that Rohingyas have amongst their ranks jihadist-tendencies wannabe-terrorists. So they are a 'National Security' risk.

More: As for the practical solution to the issue, since Bangladesh and Myanmar have a common border, why not quarantine all these Rohingyas in between these two countries and then let them decide for themselves? If the Islamists are ooh! so very concerned about them, then let's deport them to Saudi Arabia, to UAE, Yeman, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan. C'mon World!, let's call the bluff, now at least, of this another nuisance created by Muslims.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Gurdas Maan Video - Punjab In Bad State

Gurdas Maan rues the truth about today's Punjab State
Gurdas Maan Video - Punjab in bad state. Link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m60bi4SqQ1U . This Video has been released a few weeks ago. Song is called Punjab. Here Gurdas Maan rues the truth of the Punjab State today. There is a problem of drugs, eradication of virtues and humanism, absence of respect and regard, less and less honour of the motherland, stamping of completely alien ideologies, ideologies which don't belong to Punjab, niet, don't belong to India, in fact they can't be ideologies of any place. Thankfully, there are still people in Punjab who understand their roots and understand what Punjab and indeed the rest of India really needs.

And I am telling everyone, 'you don't need bullet trains, you need to make sure that the corrupt are eradicated and there is justice for each and everyone irrespective of money and muscle power of the goondaa', 'you don't need to pitch for Olympic Games, you need to make sure that development reaches the poorest of the poor, you need to set your country in order'. 'There must be all round welfare, not all round warfare', and 'you must set your priorities right'. 'You don't need gyms and supplements and steroids'. 'You have given yourself lopsided priorities'.
Organise India. Restore India, Reboot India.
Metaphors, Props
Gurdas Maan himself represents time, kaal काल - in this Video - and takes Bhagat Singh into the future into 2017 from 1917 and first extracts a promise from him that Bhagat Singh will not abandon his mission after seeing what happens in the future. .. Gurdas Maan .. :-) .. he is good with metaphors, I think, .. remember chhallaa छल्ला ? I'll see if I find a video on Chhallaa, very old Gurdas Maan number. .. Props .. Props are integral or intrinsic to Punjabi Literature, Punjabi Folk Culture, I believe. Please comment people. Punjabi Folk?, please comment. Listen to Chhalla छल्ला also - ".. mere Dukkhaan di kahaani मेरे दुखखां दी कहानी ..", remember Punjabiyat, galvanise yourself, remind yourself, organise yourself. Priorities are not only land (Real estate) and gold, but priorities are justice, law and order, virtues, and depth of individual (DEPTH OF INDIVIDUAL), and not KFC, and not Chow Mein, and not firing in the air in marriage parties, .. We all must get together and restore sanity and sensibility to Punjab, .. and India. .. .. Mere Dukkhaan Di Kahaani मेरे दुखखां दी कहानी .. ..
I am saying, despite sunshine and fertile land and industrious people and 'intrinsic' regard for mitti (soil) मिट्टी and virtues, Punjab landed in drugs problem.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Auspiciousness, Health, Wealth, Light, Radiance, Prestige To All

Victory Glory Power Fame
Swastik or Swastika Symbol
From Vedic times, the Swastika Symbol is considered auspicious. I present the symbol below, for simply spreading good symbols around, to spread cheer etc, and pray for everybody's welfare.





I wish everybody Auspiciousness, Health, Wealth, Light, Radiance, Prestige To All and me. I also wish in addition Victory, Glory, Power, Fame for myself!
Thank You. Is it not a good idea by the way to start a website on auspicious symbols? Who's doing it? Is it there already?

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Letter For Minister Of State For Home, Indian Government

Open Letter To Mr. Kiren Rijiju, Minister Of State (Home), Government Of India.
Foul Smell and Air Pollution In Our Residential Premises Because Of Illegal Restaurants.
Dear Sir,
9 tweets have come your way from Twitter Handle @BriefTakes between 1:21 AM and 1:32 AM on 230517. This Post is along with them.

There is a problem of foul smell and air pollution in our Delhi Development Authority Residential Flat which is caused by exhaust fumes from an illegal Restaurant 'Wah Ji Wah'. Delhi Police was told about it last year. Complaint was submitted. There is ABSOLUTELY NO ACTION by Police. See attachment in second tweet. The DD No. is 35(B), Janakpuri PS. An email was also sent to DCP, West Delhi on email id dcp-west-dl@nic.in . This is attached in the eighth tweet. Instead of action been taken on these Restaurants rather I have been physically assaulted by paid henchmen!
I want the Municipal Corporation Of Delhi people arrested and the Restaurants shut down. In fact, another popped up after complaint was submitted! This latest one is 'Chinese By Nature'.
Restaurants in DDA Flats are illegal. I have asked the Delhi Police to take the Municipality to court. The Municipality is prone to hoodwinking honest people. Try talking to them. They will engage in selective omissions, distractions, manipulations. When you talk keep a law person handy and you will figure in no time what I am saying. They will tell you that on a particular road width restaurants 'provision' is there. What they will not tell you is that merely a provision does not imply that Restaurant "must" come on these roads. What they will not tell you is that within their own rules restaurants in DDA Flats are illegal anyway. What they will not tell you is that there has to be a minimum distance between the exhausts of these restaurants and the nearest dwelling unit. They will simply skirt these. Another fact is that they "encourage" (!) the 'introduction of ducts or chimneys inside of shafts of DDA Residential Housing - which are actually meant for toilet and bathroom ventilation only - and that is illegal. That is forbidden by National Building Code itself. AND THEREFORE DEAR SIR YOU PLEASE ARREST THESE GOONS.

They are making a mockery of the independence given to them . They are making a mockery of the liberty given to them. They are a menace to law, they are an anathema, they are evil, they are Satans sitting, waiting for predatory acts, they are making a fool of the public. Municipal Corporation Of Delhi is itself illegalising entire Delhi. They manipulate, hoodwink, encourage inconveniences to law abiding citizens.

I can send this to the NHRC again like I did in 2011 but I hope Municipality will shed goondaism and learn some good manners.

I called 100 PCR regarding the same on the following dates and time:-
29th May 2016, 3:16 PM
6th June 2016, 9:16PM
20th June 2016, 3:00 PM
5th April 2017, 5:09 PM
5th April 2017, 6:41 PM
1st May 2017, 7:19 PM

Apart from the PCR calls, Complaint was submitted at Janakpuri Police Station on 5th June 2016 for which DD No. is 35(B) and an email was also sent to DCP, West Delhi on email id dcp-west-dl@nic.in on 10th August 2016 at 8:16AM as mentioned earlier.

Please expedite. Both the received copy of the complaint submitted to the local Police Station (image) and the email to the DCP West Delhi, Delhi Police (screenshots) are attached with this Post.

Complaint submitted at Janakpuri Police Station on 5th June 2016 DD No. provided of which is 35(B).

Screen shot of email sent to DCP West Delhi, Delhi Police on 10th August 2016 - 1

Screen shot of email sent to DCP West Delhi, Delhi Police on 10th August 2016 - 2

These Restaurants are a health hazard and our right to life with dignity is also violated.

Thank You.

Sandeep Vij,
Block C2B, Flat 81C,
Delhi - 58.
M.: 9716082650 .

Monday, 8 May 2017

West Delhi DCP was sent an email about air pollution and foul smell

Communication sent to DCP West Delhi last year regarding air pollution, foul smell inside of home.
This is the email that was sent to the email id of DCP (Deputy Commissioner Of Police) West Delhi on 10th August 2016. Matter pertains to polluted air and foul smell inside of our residential premises here in Delhi, India.
Subject: Polluted air and smell from a Restaurant in DDA Residential Flats, Janak Puri.
From: [Name (email id)]
To: dcp-west-dl@nic.in;
Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 8:16 AM

The Deputy Commissioner Of Police (West Delhi),
DCP Office West Delhi,
Police Station Rajouri Garden,
Rajouri Garden,
Delhi - 110027.

Dear Sir,

Reference: Polluted air and smell from a Restaurant in DDA Residential Flats, Janak Puri.
Reference: DD No. 35 B, date 5th June 2016, Janakpuri PS.

We stay in Block C2B, Janak Puri. This is DDA Residential Housing. There is a problem of polluted air and bad smell in our house because of a Restaurant in the vicinity. The polluted air is a health hazard for us and the bad smell is a huge inconvenience for us. The polluted air will surely cause ailments, diseases. The bad smell is a huge irritation and is very agonising.

This is not the way to live. It is sad, bad, shameful that us peaceful, law abiding citizens are being tormented thus.

This problem has started from 24th May 2016. The Janak Puri Police Station had been informed about our predicament. Refer the Complaint submitted on 5th June 2016 at the Janakpuri PS. Attached find image of the same. Also find attached the Complaint text of the same in a Document file in case that is required. PCR at 100 was also informed earlier more than once. As a matter of fact, the intensity has now actually further increased from about ten days past. I have been informed that the fumes are now expelled from a Chimney or Duct within the DDA Shaft between the Flats 84 ABC and 85 ABC and this Chimney or Duct opens over the terrace. I have myself noticed that Duct. Probably that has compounded the problem.

Please get this Restaurant closed, that's it. This Restaurant is a health hazard for us. It is an inconvenience. Our Rights are being violated. Also, it is an infringement on our simple lives. I shall not mention here again what I have mentioned in the Complaint. Refer that communication. However I urge you again to impose sections or charge the MCD people also because in the first place Restaurants in DDA Flats are illegal. MCD can't open Restaurants wherever it feels like. This is DDA Residential Housing. Dear Sir, please understand that the expulsion of fumes from over the terrace or from the rear of these flats will keep causing us trouble.

In 2011-12 a similar problem was faced by us. At that time, I had written to the NHRC (National Human Rights Commission). The NHRC had sent a directive to the DCP West, Delhi Police and to the Commissioner, MCD. The point is that NHRC made it apparent or evident (or threw light to the fact) that this is indeed a Police matter.

And by the way, DDA Flat Shafts are sacrosanct in that they "cannot be intruded anywhere". Only plumbing (water supply and sewerage) pipes can come, and that too till a particular diameter. MCD knows about this. It is my suggestion to you that you personally ask an MCD person as to why this Chimney or Duct is not a violation of the Building Bye Laws (derived from the National Building Code Of India). In all probability expect a "wrong answer". There will be selective omission of facts, selective hiding of facts. Also expect manipulating and twisting facts by themselves. I say so because in 2011-12 they had provided a hoodwinking response to my grievance on their own website. This bit is additional information. Perhaps it helps somewhere. This fact (Chimney or Duct in Shaft) should be sent to the Urban Development Ministry and also the DDA. MCD is actually supposed to "make sure" that Bye Laws are being implemented and not being violated. And here, alas! MCD is itself criminalizing Delhi.

Yours faithfully,

Mobile No.: [Mobile No.] .

DD No. Received From Janak Puri Police Station.jpg (137.34KB)
Submitted To SHO Janak Puri On 050616 - Text.doc (22.50KB)
And attached with this Post below is the same email in two parts.

Email sent to DCP (Deputy Commissioner Of Police) West Delhi on 10th August 2016 about bad smell and foul air in residential premises. Delhi, India. Part 1
Email sent to DCP (Deputy Commissioner Of Police) West Delhi on 10th August 2016
about bad smell and foul air in residential premises. Delhi, India. Part 1

Email sent to DCP (Deputy Commissioner Of Police) West Delhi on 10th August 2016 about bad smell and foul air in residential premises. Delhi, India. Part 2
Email sent to DCP (Deputy Commissioner Of Police) West Delhi on 10th August 2016
about bad smell and foul air in residential premises. Delhi, India. Part 2

In this email to DCP West (where you are) you find 2 attachments mentioned. The first one - photo of the stamped received back copy of the 5th June 2016 complaint submitted - one can find at https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-oJwF-ygAz6Q/WBJxdFzXO0I/AAAAAAAAAF8/nHnBrfI_owsmxObsOf_tuH_bPAdX7igCACLcB/s1600/Received%2BCopy.jpg and also via http://www.brieftakes.blogspot.com/2016/10/message-delhi-police-attached-tweet.html . The second one - text document of the same 5th June 2016 Complaint - was also sent to DCP West, just in case, so that they can easily copy paste the Complaint text (THEY CAN EASILY COPY PASTE THE COMPLAINT TEXT).

All we want is to live in peace and with dignity.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Right Of Ways - Comment on an external article

India's Right Of Ways
The area encapsulated between one boundary wall and the next across the road
A comment was posted on an external blog article. The article link is http://www.smartcitiesmobility.blogspot.com/2017/03/whose-right-of-way-is-this.html and the comment is below:-
It is the job of the municipal bodies and the police to make sure that the Right Of Way is maintained or 'sustained' as the Right Of Way only. Unfortunately, these two setups are themselves corrupt, callous, laid back, and in fact hands in glove. You lodge a complaint and you land in deep trouble. Indians are hugely disorganised, very immoral, quite shameless, are educated idiots, or idiots anyway, and so on. If you point out to a resident about the encroachment, e.g., then this criminal preaches you about 'Community Feeling'! Can you believe that? If you complain to the authorities they actually look carefully at the written text of the complaint and deliberately find a word or phrase or sentence and then 'extract' it and then quote something else out of context and the complaint is sent to a different department and then phoosh. Alternatively they give a bogus or vague or simply dishonest response. And there is no simple way to chargesheet them, though you can do it if you pursue. They also have their connected mafia. They'll try to 'take you out'. So the answer is to have marshalls appointed by the public themselves which can pull up these authorities and the police at every level, 'at every level'.
I can go on about the corruption of the corrupt and the travails of the upright but I guess we all know it.
Go to the article via the link.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Demons and idiots also worship and derive benefits. How fair is that?

Worshipping of energies and the accruing benefits. May The Force Be With You?
People worship Gods, Goddesses, energies for various reasons or purposes. The reasons or purposes may be specific or general or there may be no reason at all and prayers offered may be simply out of devotion or love, which again is a reason.
I believe that when you worship or pray there is some benefit that certainly does accrue to the devotee, the magnitude of which may depend on various factors.
However, there are bad people on this planet. They also worship. They too pray to energies. Similarly, there are people who are stupid jerks, they annoy others, irritate others because they are dumb, cause harm, irreparable damage because of their stupidity, and / but these same ones are devotees too. And they make progress in life. Certainly. And just because there is, or there has to be, a mathematical "truth" or justice or deliverance to the 'system' out of sheer logic, these bad people and these stupid jerks also derive benefit out of these prayers. :-( .. How fair is that? .. I mean that one commits crimes, annoys others, and then one prays and then the energies rally around to protect these ones. That's not fair.

How fair is that? Any answers?
May The Force Be With You? :-)

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Fake Currency Notes Of Rs. 2000 Denomination Caught Already. Demonetisation Times.

One Demonetisation Demon?
Fake notes of Rs. 2000 have been caught already. Is that then one tentacle of the demon of demonetisation revealing itself? It happened quick quick, right? It certainly is fantastic fodder for the opportunistic in the opposition.

Hey All! The real interpretation behind the catching of fake notes could be that the government's idea was a success. :-) Was it? I don't know, you tell me. It could be, as many think, that alas! this too shall fail, and perhaps this will fail more miserably. I mean that many think that already this exercise has proved that it's a failure since fake currency has been caught so soon when these new currency notes have just been brought into circulation. What do you think?

What do you all think? I, for one, am always optimistic. I would like to believe that the security features that had been mentioned in press, media are showing, displaying what they can do, what they were meant for ( :-) ) - help catch the culprits, thieves.

So then this is similar to the adage or fact or truth that if more FIR's are being registered in a town then it doesn't mean that the crime has increased, rather it means that the Police is really functioning better than before and crimes are not going unchecked. Similarly, here the catching of fake notes so soon already actually shows or reveals that the ideas of the government, or what the government had in mind, is working or revealing itself - it was true, it was supposed to work. The security features are hard to imitate I mean. That is an interpretation or argument, I mean. Now that is a comforting, energising, hope giving thought! .. But I am not sure. What do you think, people? .. How should that be interpreted?

I am not touching upon the aspect of people dying in queues etc. for this post. This post is about 'how to interpret the catching of fake currency so soon'. Everybody please join in this little debate. Foreigners are welcome. People who have no clue are also welcome. Trust me I am one of them. .. Oops .. Ha ha.

The game or play called "India India" goes on! Let's play India India.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Communication for Delhi Police attached to tweets

Message for Delhi Police attached to tweets. Tweets can't hold all.

Hello Delhi Police! Refer my tweets to you with web addresses at http://www.twitter.com/BriefTakes/status/792474882537693184 and http://www.twitter.com/BriefTakes/status/792475402895626240 . Tweets can't hold all.
I have tried making contact with the SI Rhea but not succeeded. She is evasive. Details have been put up on internet. Relevant extracts from the same are copied pasted below. Image of complaint document is included. The DD no. by the way is '35 B' dated 5th June, 2016, issued by Janakpuri PS. Extracts below will make clear that I have tried to make contact. It is strange that you are asking me to go to PS again. Internet web address from where this has been taken is given after this copy paste. All text has not been copy-pasted.

9th June 8:07 PM: I called the Janak Puri Police Station Land Line at 011 25551410 and narrated the problem of smell briefly and that I had submitted a Complaint on 5th June at around 9:30 PM. The person asked me whether I have the no. of the Complaint. I told him that yes, indeed, I do. It is 35 (B) . And the photo of the received back complaint copy (Acknowledgement) is attached with this Post towards lower. He said ok he'll let know the person who is handling this.
9th evening: Smell is increasing. It's bad. It's stench of an animal that is being masked.

11th: In the evening, we had to leave for hospital because of an emergent situation at home, but I came back in the night, because I was not allowed in the ICU.
14th, 12:21 PM: I got a call from J.P. P.S. (I was in the Hospital) about the Complaint submitted a few days earlier. The caller from 8512060007 said she is Sub Inspector Rhea. She said that that has come to her and wanted me to come to the PS and talk about it so that they can then take action as they would like to. I was in the Hospital at that time because of the emergent situation and was myself also not sorted to go to the PS. I asked the SI that she can also come after calling. She said that I can come today, tomorrow, day after, whenever.
14th evening back at home: Smell is there.
15th, Wednesday, day time: There was real bad smell in the house of rotten food and probably huge no. of onions. 15th evening: Back at home, there was real bad smell, foul smell, in the house of rotten food and a smell that seemed to be of a rotten onions.

16/06/16: I called the SI of the JP PS twice at around 3:00 and 3:10 PM. No response.
3:12 Missed call she gives. I notice it later anyway.
3:22 I call again. No response.
3:24 She calls. I answer. She disconnects. Total time: 2 seconds.

On the 16th when I called, I think I was being stalked. I had gone to the B-Block Community Centre for some work and ... After my work at the Community Centre I decided to walk down to the PS. I called the SI Rhea and then I called again. Details are above. ... It is here that I made the 2nd call (around 3:10) and waited at this T-Junction for the famous Rhea of JP PS to answer. She didn't. I then decided not to turn right but take left and walk down to the Channan Devi Hospital because I have things ... I wanted to make sure that she is at the PS. Both the times I allowed the calls to go fully. There was no response but. ...

17th evening: Problem of smell same as above. Bad foul smell. It became a lesser only around 12:15 of the coming night.
18th: Smell starts at around 12:00 noon. From a couple of hours earlier, you can smell burnt embers. And then from about 2:00 PM onwards foul smell is there in our house from this Wah Ji Wah's exhaust. Perhaps many rats have died. That is how the smell is like. ...

18/06/16: I called SI Rhea on her mobile at 5:57 PM. No response. I called again. 6:07 PM she answered! ... I told her my name, from Block C2B, Janak Puri. She said that she is out of station and that she will call Monday (20th). I told her that I called her on 16th also. Then she asked what was it about? I told her that this is about Wah Ji Wah Restaurant in Block C2B, Janak Puri. She said that she'll handle it on Monday. I asked her whether she is going to call me. She said she'll call.
18th Evening: Intensity further increases - subsides only after 12:15 in the night.
19th: In the morning, before noon, these people turn on their exhausts. The previous day's left over burnt embers and smell from tandoor comes.

20th: I actually waited for the SI to call. No call. I Called 100 again at 3:00 PM. I told the person about earlier calls on 29th May and 6th June 2016 and the Complaint submitted on 5th June at the Janak Puri Police Station. The person again said that the local PS will take care of it and that you go and meet the people there and if not satisfied then go to ACP, then go to DCP. I told the person that already a call had come on 14th that the case is being handled by a S.I. Rhea. ... wanted to confirm whether there really is a Sub Inspector Rhea at JP PS with no. 8512060007.
Received Back Acknowledgement from Janak Puri Police Station June 2016. Wah Ji Wah Restaurant a menace - smell, pollution. A Health Hazard. A Nuisance Activity In Delhi.
Received Back Acknowledgement from Janak Puri Police Station June 2016.
Wah Ji Wah Restaurant a menace because of smell and pollution.
A Health Hazard. A Nuisance Activity From Residential Area In Delhi.

Internet web address from where the above extract is taken is http://www.restaurantsdelhiresidential.blogspot.com/2016/07/sub-inspector-delhi-police-smell-problem.html . This is web address of 'a post' on 'a blog' - the blog that I had to start reluctantly. Above is, as said earlier, extracts from the same. So Delhi Police people can visit the blog for more clarity if required.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Happy Diwali! Deepaawaalee Greetings. दीपावली शुभकामनायें , मंगलमय दीवाली !

Happy Deepawalee To All! सब को दीपावली की शुभ कामनायें !
Power, Health, Wealth, Radiance, Glory, Victory, Progress, Prosperity to the Righteous on this Diwali, .. and to me. :-)

I share with you all a Swastik that I made on Computer. You can use it after downloading. If you don't mind, you can provide attribution that it was prepared by Brief Takes at http://www.twitter.com/BriefTakes . Thank you all. Be safe. Spread Light. Pray that light may enter the lives of those who need it, who really need it the most at this moment, and throughout the year.
मैं सब के साथ स्वस्तिक का चिह्न सांझा कर रहा हूँ जिसे मैने स्वयं कंप्यूटर पर बनाया था. आप इसे बेशक डाउनलोड कर के इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं | उम्मीद है की अगर आप ऐसा करें तो ऐट्रीब्यूशन अवश्य दे देवें कि इसे "ब्रीफ टेक्स" ने, जिनका वेब अड्रेस है http://www.twitter.com/BriefTakes, ने बनाया था | धन्यवाद | सुरक्षित दीवाली मनायें, प्रार्थना करें की जिसे किरंण, रोशनी की आवश्यकता हो उसके जीवन में ज़रूर अंधकार हटे और रोशनी आ जावे |
Diwali Greetings To All. Swastik Symbol. Spread Light. Be Safe. Pray for light to enter the lives of those who need it. You can download teh Swastik and use it. Please provide attribution: Brief Takes at http://www.twitter.com/BriefTakes .
Happy Deepawalee To All! सब को दीपावली की शुभ कामनायें |
Power, Health, Wealth, Radiance, Glory, Victory, Progress, Prosperity to the Righteous. Diwali - Swastik - दीवाली - स्वस्तिक - I share a Swastik that I made on Computer. You can use it after downloading. You can provide attribution. Spread Light. मैं स्वस्तिक का चिह्न सांझा कर रहा हूँ जिसे मैने स्वयं कंप्यूटर पर बनाया था. आप इसे बेशक डाउनलोड कर के इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं | ऐट्रीब्यूशन अवश्य दे देवें | रोशनी फ़ैलायें |

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Appeasement, Games People Play! Uttar Pradesh Elections. Samajwadi Party Drama.

UP Elections. SP Drama. Projecting party as strong?
Akhilesh Yadav is appeasing his father Mulayam Singh Yadav. MSY in turn is appeasing Amar Singh and Shivpal Yadav. Aow. They are all trying to propel MSY, is it? :-) What's going on? There is no mud slinging from my side here. I, just like anybody else, became a little curious. I am just having a little fun. Politics is not my forte at all though. I hope there is peace in the family and all ends well. I hope also that there is peace in Uttar Pradesh.

This 'drama' is happening because of some sub conscious appeasement tendency? Some people got emotional? Ha ha. Wow! Well well, Some body please make a cartoon here. In that caricature or cartoon an arrow from AY will be pointing towards MSY, and then an arrow from MSY will be pointing towards Shivpal and Amar Singh. Over the arrrows will be mentioned 'appeasement' or perhaps 'subconscious appeasement', or perhaps 'sudden realisation of love, or acknowledgement'. And Akhilesh's away arrow will also have mentioned 'Papa' or 'Pitaji' on the under side. And MSY's away arrow will have mentioned 'Bandhu' or 'Comrade' on the under side. Hmm, but then there is no love arrow from Amar Singh, Shivpal towards Akhilesh. That is why I said that ultimately they are trying to propel MSY? And ultimately they are trying to propel Samajwadi Party as strong and having many strong players, leaders. And that is what shall be portrayed in the coming days when perhaps suddenly all will be well and party shall appear more strengthened to the janata janardana.

Again, I hope there is peace in the family and all ends well. And also, I pray that there is peace in Uttar Pradesh.

P.S.: The mushy and the gushy tendency got an outlet!

Later Edit: This Love Triangle is broken >> 'There is no love arrow from Amar Singh, Shivpal towards Akhilesh.' :-)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Russian Cultural Troupe performs in Delhi, India

Russian Cultural Troupe performs at Kamani Auditorium, Delhi. 2016.
Russian Cultural Troupe Kamani Auditorium, Delhi - October 17, 2016, evening time. Video is poor quality, so is audio, but the Videographer in me promises better quality next year!
This was enjoyable. It may appear raucous and cacophonous at places but it was not so there. It was enjoyable. Kamani Auditorium is at Copernicus Marg in the Mandi House vicinity.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Day Light Crime In India's Hospitals And Authorities In Gay Abandon

Khanna and Sudarsanan should go to the law - victim himself will go anyway
A retired Indian Army haraamzaadaa, a characterless lout called Brigadier Sudarsanan, is a devil incarnate. He goes around injecting lethal brain poisons and nerve poisons in the bloodstreams of innocent victims whom he picks at the behest of his handlers. The handlers are probably foreign but they certainly have Indian connections. They conduct experiments on non-suspecting citizens who are made patients by them by trickery, by deceit, by hatching nefarious plots.

It is certain that this Brigadier is an anti-social element. Is he also an anti-national element? Who will find out? Why has the CBI (Central Bureau Of Investigation) not acted upon him despite emails having being sent to the CBI? Is there a CBI connection? Is he a CBI man?! .. That is unlikely (why would the CBI do it?), but then, .. why has the CBI not arrested him yet? The CBI was also told about Khanna Nursing Home, Janakpuri, Delhi. This was in reference to one matter.

Khanna Nursing Home, Janakpuri, Delhi-58 is one such place where these haraamzaadaas like Brigadier Sudarsanan carry out their murderous agendas. In this particular case where Dr. Subhash Khanna of Khanna Nursing Home is also involved alongwith others of this Nursing Home, the victim's life has turned upside down. Some information can be procured from this web address >> http://www.KindAttentionMCI.blogspot.com . The victim's condition was such after the attack in November-December 2007 that he did not even have the courage to inform the Medical Councils or the Police at that time. The drugs play havoc with the mind, brain, body functions etc. ENTIRE PROCESSES OF THE BODY ARE AFFECTED. Brain is affected. Nourishment process to the body is affected. Testosterone was chemically destroyed without informing the victim. Fear, terror, horror were induced by drugs. The victim also suffered a heart attack on Dec. 30, 2007 but the Khanna Nursing Home did not provide the report! Heart Attack happened because of their experiments. Both Subhash Khanna and Brigadier Sudarsanan had also threatened the victim.

The above is posted in public interest. Both Sudarsanan and Khanna are actually exhorted to go to the Law with this Post. In fact, the victim himself wants that this should be now taken up by the Law, .. and the public. Khanna himself, Khanna Nursing Home people should be in prison. And of course so should Sudarsanan be in prison for the rest of his life and his property attached. Sudarsanan's handlers should be smoked out from their hideouts, wherever in the world they may be, and put inside of prison for the remainders of their lives and their properties attached. In fact Sudarsanan should be handled by the public on the roads. He is an Army Man, and by temperament very aggressive, physical, verbally loud, intimidating, operates by deceit, cloak-and-dagger, is a conceited liar, can trade his daughters(!) and is a very tough nut to crack.

Visit the above web address for some information. It will be updated. It contains emails sent to the Medical Council Of India by the victim. The Medical Council Of India did not act. They did nothing. In all probability they accepted bribes. Then the matter went to the Central Information Commission of India. The IC, who understood the gravity, sent the case to the Delhi Medical Council. The Information Commission's Orders were not followed by the Delhi Medical Council ! ! .. These last details are not currently there in that blog but they will show up or links to the details will show up. So visit that blog and inform everybody else. The fight for justice will go on. Maybe the Prime Minister's Office should be reined in now.

This matter will also be sent to the citizens of other countries to understand for themselves the state of Human Rights in India and the actual state of the Indian citizenry. The righteous suffers continuously, the corrupt and the shameless shirk their responsibilities, accept bribes and shut up, the murderers - with licenses from the Government Of India - go about their usual murders in Hospitals, and then there is that-one-coterie shouting 'Good Days'.

Anything which is the truth and is brought out in public domain for the public good is not defamation. This post is an alert to the public. It is all truth.

Sudarsanan's nos. can be had from the blog. A Facebook Page is also there. Its address is http://www.facebook.com/Kind-Attention-Medical-Council-Of-India-637205829714614 .

Does Sudarsanan work for the Delhi Police? .. .. Public support is solicited. Sudarsanan had said that his Office is in his Car. Who will burn that car with Sudarsanan in it? - Let's not do that yet. First let's find out what all drugs they gave as part of the experiments or as part of hatched plots to kill the innocent, how its effect will go away, why was he trading his daughters, and other stuff.