Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Listening Pleasure, Indian Spice! Real Feminine. :-)

Nice Listening. Various songs' pieces sung in continuation. Video.
Aishwarya Majmudar has a clear crisp voice! Feminine. :-)
If the Video does not play then click here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeUnR29j7Wg . Video has playback actually, this is not a Live Recording, but doesn't matter. Watch it. Aane Waalaa Pal Jaane Waalaa Hai, Ho Sake To Ismein Zindagi Bitaa Do, Pal Jo Yeh Jaane Waalaa Hai.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Health Hazard, Toxic Fumes, Dangerous Particulate Matter In Delhi.

Being tormented by a restaurant in residential area.
We are being tormented by a Restaurant Wah Ji Wah which spews toxic fumes, particulate matter and bad odour from its rear. These then travel and reach our house. Problem is severe and I had anticipated that it will get worse, very bad to the extent that I had to plan a Blogger Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Handle for the same. The Blogger Blog is at http://www.RestaurantsDelhiResidential.blogspot.com . It is indeed getting worse as I write this. May these Sardars burn in hell, may their entire khaandaan get diseased. May the MCD (Municipal Corporation Of Delhi) people burn in hell, may they get diseased. May The Police suffer paralysis because they have not acted.

I truly, sincerely, honestly hope that we are relieved of this predicament. Anybody from outside of India reading this should tell their media that this is how citizens are tormented in this country. The Judiciary of India should take suo motu cognizance and put an end to this nonsense. The Judiciary should jail these MCD people for having allowed this Restaurant in residential area in the first place. The Delhi Police should also be pulled up. It should be reminded of its 'duties' after reminding them of their 'powers'. This last bit you will understand as you read the posts on the Blogspot Blog.

Anybody in Delhi reading this should sincerely understand our problem, and some of you should get really angry, organise themselves / yourselves and stone these Sardars to death in a clandestine manner. Yes, I mean it. The problem is THAT severe. They are damaging our health, they are damaging our dignity, they are damaging our peaceful living. The media people from outside of India should come to Block C2B, Janak Puri, Delhi to understand for themselves the severity. I invite them to our home to ... alas! ... smell for themselves the toxic air. It is sad that the invitation is for the wrong reason.

Coal is burnt, there are burnt embers in the air, the smell is foul, there is dangerous, cancerous, carcinogenic particulate matter in the air. It is accelerated death without one realising it consciously.

Front Elevation of a house on a small plot, rural Delhi.

Front Elevation of a House - Small Plot, Rural Delhi.
A small plot measuring a little under 900 sft, with a front of only 15'-9" in a rural setting in Delhi has being worked out by myself. This is the Front Elevation. A little bit of Working Drawing stuff has also crept in in this Drawing. This is part of Sketch Presentation. :-) I have done better in the past, but hey, ... this is not bad either! ;-)
Front Elevation of a House - Small Plot, Rural Delhi. A small plot measuring a little under 900 sft, with a front of only 15'-9" in a rural setting in Delhi has being worked out by myself. This is the Front Elevation.
Front Elevation, House, Small Plot, Rural Delhi.

This was still being worked out.

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