Sunday, 1 January 2017

Demons and idiots also worship and derive benefits. How fair is that?

Worshipping of energies and the accruing benefits. May The Force Be With You?
People worship Gods, Goddesses, energies for various reasons or purposes. The reasons or purposes may be specific or general or there may be no reason at all and prayers offered may be simply out of devotion or love, which again is a reason.
I believe that when you worship or pray there is some benefit that certainly does accrue to the devotee, the magnitude of which may depend on various factors.
However, there are bad people on this planet. They also worship. They too pray to energies. Similarly, there are people who are stupid jerks, they annoy others, irritate others because they are dumb, cause harm, irreparable damage because of their stupidity, and / but these same ones are devotees too. And they make progress in life. Certainly. And just because there is, or there has to be, a mathematical "truth" or justice or deliverance to the 'system' out of sheer logic, these bad people and these stupid jerks also derive benefit out of these prayers. :-( .. How fair is that? .. I mean that one commits crimes, annoys others, and then one prays and then the energies rally around to protect these ones. That's not fair.

How fair is that? Any answers?
May The Force Be With You? :-)